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Promotional Cookies > LEIBNIZ Butter Biscuits
Articlenumber: 267-5109

LEIBNIZ Butter Biscuits

    LEINBIZ Butter Biscuits with promotional sleeve made of white paper.
    Approx. 110 x 65 mm (B x H)
Advertising space
    Front: 70 x 51,5 mm (B x H)
    Back: 70 x 48,5 mm (B x H)
    side: 70 x 16 mm (B x H)
    Digital printing 4-c process
    Offset printing 1-4-c
    Three Original LEIBNIZ Butter Biscuits, approx. 15 g.
Shelf life
    5 months
Delivery packing
    Cartons containing 96 pieces. Breakage of individual biscuits possible.
Minimum order
    Digital printing: 576 pieces
    Offset printing: 20.064 pieces
Delivery time
    Digital printing: approx. 10 working days after approval of the printing copies
    Offset printing: approx. 15 working days after approval of the printing copies
    Ex works