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Articlenumber: 283-3036

Lolly with Sticker
Lick, stick, advertise

Flat lollipop with removable sticker.

    Lollipop packed in transparent foil with removable white sticker.
    approx. 50 x 70 mm, length approx. 115 mm.
Advertising space
    Sticker either with or without peelable flap/fold surface.
    White, high-gloss finish.
    - round Ø: 40 mm
    - rectangular: 40 x 50 mm (w x h)
    - square: 40 x 40 mm (w x h)
    Individual sticker shapes on demand.
    Letterpress printing 1-4-colour
    Flat lollipop, approx. 11 g per piece, fruity taste (yellow/red).
Shelf life
    18 months
Delivery packing
    Cartons containing 500 pieces
Minimum order
    5.000 pieces
Delivery time
    Approx. 15 working days after approval of the printing copies.
    Special flavours on request.
    Ex works