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Articlenumber: 222-0055

The advertising glant

Slim-line design and crunchy contents - this container will always have a starring role at shows and events. The extra tall transparent or classy silver PET roll with extensive advertising space on a white or transparent polypropylene sticky label. Maxi snack taste and crunchy promotional messages with an aluminium ring pull and an extra plastic lid so you can close it again.

    PET can, colourless-transparent or silver with an aluminium ring pull and additional plastic lid for resealing the can after it has been opened.
    Height approx. 185 mm, Ø approx. 58 mm
Advertising space
    White or transparent sticky band (polyethylene). 175 x 120 mm (w x h), rounded corners, including declaration/manufacturer's notification.
    Letterpress printing 1-4-colour
    Approx. 75 g mix of savoury nibbles and pretzel snacks.
Shelf life
    4 months
Delivery packing
    Cartons containing 34 pieces
Minimum order
    1-2-colour: 510 pieces
    3-4-colour: 1.020 pieces
Delivery time
    Approx. 15 working days after approval of the printing copies.
    Ex works