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Articlenumber: 277-2868

the Soft Promotion Drink

the soft promotion drink. At first glance, a typical drinks packaging; but on closer inspection, you discover a real sensation! Thanks to its ye-catching design, the soft packaging is an innovative and highly successful way to advertise. It looks like a can, but touch it and it's as soft as a bag - the 0.2 l promotion drink comes in a total of ten flavours. Awards: drinkbaX was awarded the German Packaging Award 2007 (sales packaging) and the Worldstar of Packaging from the WPO.

    Soft packaging made of silver aluminium composite foil.
    Height approx. 125 mm, diameter approx. 49 mm
Advertising space
    140 x 115 mm (w x h), excl. declaration and manufacturer's notification
    Digital printing: 4-c process
    Flexo printing: 1 to 4 colour
    0,2 l soft drink in 10 flavours:
    Orange juice - (100% fruit)
    Flavoured Water - soft drink, lemon-flavoured (low calorie)
    ACE Premium Drink - orange-carrot-lemon-vitamin drink (low calorie)
    Cassis Premium Drink - blackcurrant-elderberry fruit juice drink
    Energy Drink - caffeine-containing soft drink with taurine and 6 vitamins
    Mexican Dream - soft drink with a tequila-lime flavour (low calorie)
    Italian Bitter - soft drink, bitter (low calorie)
    Premium Apple/Grapefruit Isodrink - apple/grapefruit-flavoured soft drink (low calorie)
    Peach Ice Tea - peach-flavoured tea drink (low calorie)
    Diet Multivitamin Premium Drink - diet multivitamin multi-fruit juice drink (low calorie)
    Wellness Drink - lemon/lychee-flavoured green tea drink (low calorie)
    Regulations for import and sales
    When importing and selling drinkbaX please observe the relevant food-law regulations and/or authorisations of your country for the individual contents (not every drink flavour can be put into circulation in every country without restrictions). Our Sales department will be happy to provide you with an overview (Excel) on request.
Shelf life
    6 months, store cool and dry
Delivery packing
    Cartons containing 28 pieces on pallet. Surcharge for postable packaging on request.
Minimum order
    Digital printing: 504 pieces
    Flexo printing: 1-3-colour: 504 pieces
    4-colour: 1.008 pieces
Delivery time
    Approx. 15 working days after approval of the printing copies
    Ex works