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Promotional Standard Items > Jelly Bears, Gute Nacht
Articlenumber: 228-8324

Jelly bears, Gute Nacht
Standard design "Gute Nacht"

These tasty messengers from the standard range ensure sweet greetings even if you are ordering just a few and are delivered within 5 days.

    Mini-bag with approx. 10 g jelly bears 10% fruit (manufacturer's notification on the back of the bag).
    approx. 70 x 105 mm.
Standard design
    "Gute Nacht" (only in German)
Shelf life
    12 months
Delivery packing
    Cartons containing 500 pieces
Minimum order
    1.000 pieces
Delivery time
    Approx. 5 working days after receipt of order.
    Ex works