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Articlenumber: 278-9777


An elegant classic: the Classic-Sweet in metallised wrapper (cellophane) with a central white strip. Available in five different colours and lots of flavours.

    Sweet, metallic cellophane wrapper with white centrefield, available in 5 different colours. Surcharge for change of wrapper colour.
Advertising space
    Single motif: Max. 24 x 20 mm (w x h), not centred
    Flexoprinting 1-4-colour
    Standard: (Approx. 210 pieces/kg) Fruit mixture, ice crystal, tropic fresh, lemon with vitamin C, eucalyptus, peppermint, liquorice, multivitamin.
    Premium (approx. 170 pieces/kg): Solid: Whole milk caramel,apple strudel, silver mint, golden honey milk, raspberry liquorice, liquorice extra strong, solvens(euca-menthol)
    Filled: Nut cream, choco mint, mocca cream, lemon, Banana split.
    Sugar-free with Isomalt: (Approx. 210 pieces/kg) fruit mixture, lemon with Vitamin C, peppermint Surcharge for change of flavour.
Special flavours
    With a minimum order of 300 kg providing the flavour is available. Surcharge applies.
Shelf life
    24 months
    Multivitamin: 12 months
Delivery packing
    1-kg bag, 25 x 1 kg in a carton.
Minimum order
    1-3-colour: 25 kg
    4-colour: 200 kg
Delivery time
    Approx. 15 working days after approval of the printing copies. Special flavours on request.
    Ex works