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Articlenumber: 237-8296

An all-rounder

The perfect companion for in the car. Lots of content and, what's more, refillable. Round box in white or shiny.

    Round metal box with standard lid in white or shiny. Stay-fresh seals with sticky tape all around.
    Height approx. 35 mm, Ø approx. 100 mm.
Advertising space
    Ø 80 mm
    Digital printig 4-c process
    Pad printing (direct printing) 1-4-colour
    Letterpress printing (sticky label) 1-4-colour
    Approx. 70 g Compact-Sweets (fruit mixture) wrapped in transparent foil, approx 60 g.mini sweets in metallic wrapper 8 different colours (colours mixed or several) or approx 130 g unwrapped sweets. Flavours: fruit drop mixture, South Seas hearts, cherry hearts, raspberry drops, mixture of herbal sweets, sage sweets (throat lozenges). Special flavours and further/other contents on request.
Shelf life
    24 months
Delivery packing
    Cartons containing 36 pieces
Minimum order
    Digital printing: 324 pieces
    Pad printing: 504 pieces
    Letterpress printing: 3.024 pieces
Delivery time
    Approx. 15 working days after approval of the printing copies
    Ex works