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Promotional Vitamins > Cereal Bar
Articlenumber: 233-4033

Cereal bar

Power for that promotional message, for sporting target groups and events: cereal bars in the flavours multi-grain and soft-milk.

    Cereal bar Multi-Grain or Soft-Milk packed in white aroma-protection foil.
    Multi-Grain: Approx. 145 x 40 x 15 mmm
    Soft-Milk: Approx. 140 x 40 x 20 mm
Advertising space
    Front: 98 x 30 mm (w x h)
    sides: 98 x 8 mm(w x h)
    Front: 80 x 25 mm (w x h)
    sides: 80 x 158 mm(w x h)
    digital printing 4-c process
    flexo printing: 1-4c
    Multi-Grain: Cereal bar with premium corn and raisins, approx. 20 g
    Soft-Milk: Cereal bar filled with milk cream and high in calcium.
Shelf life
    6 months
Delivery packing
    Multi-Grain: Cartons containing 200 pieces
    Soft-Milk: Cartons containing 180 pieces
Minimum order
    digital printing: 500 pcs
    flexo printing
    1-3-colour: 1.000 pieces
    4-colour: 5.000 pieces
Delivery time
    Approx. 15 working days after approval of the printing copies.
    Ex works